We find users for your UX test. You tell us who you want to see, and we ensure that the right person is there for your test. This can be carried out in your own lab, your own offices or in one of our labs.

We can search for people using, for example, the following criteria: age, gender, frequency of website visits, purchase behaviour, tech savvy or tech illiterate; the possibilities are endless.

UX Lab

In both Amersfoort and Amsterdam, we offer facilities for UX testing. Whether you need the full lab, including eye tracking, or whether you only need Mr. Tappy, we offer the solution.

Interview room:

Interview room

The interviewer and the user are in this room. An extra screen is available.

Viewing room:

Viewing room

This room holds up to 12 people who can watch the interview live, via a one-way mirror and via a screen.

Live stream
Picture in picture


  • Various systems, including Clickshare, Mr. Tappy and Tobii eye tracker
  • Testing with various devices (PC, tablet, smartphone)
  • Downloading the recordings of the tests via your own secure portal
  • Livestream via your own secure portal
  • Picture-in-picture: both the device screen and the user’s face are recorded

Mr. Tappy


Web intercept

Your target group isn’t included in our panel? Don’t worry, often we can find the right target group via a web intercept. We place a call for respondents on your site, the respondents are automatically added to our flow and we ensure that the right person arrives on time at your lab.